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The physical phenomenon observable in a simple pendulum can metaphorically describe the power relationships in society.This article investigates this observation.

Spirituality: Cornerstone of African American Education:

This book discusses the critical role of religion in the lives of pre-colonial African people. This experience is then contrasted to the decline in spirituality in contemporary African American life and its subsequent influence on morality and community values.

Geometry of Inner Peace

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We are aware of the utility of Mathematics in its physical applications. Business, economics, engineering, and science are well-known areas of use. However, do we ever consider the importance of Mathematics in understanding our human and social development? Middle schoolers study Basic Transformations in Geometry but they are seldom reminded of their usefulness in understanding their own human development.

Consider an object of a fixed size and shape in space: a book on a table, for example. One could slide the book, without changing its orientation or direction, from one location on the table to another. …

Key to Healthy Community Life.

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Living the hustle and bustle of our daily life, we seldom stop to consider the source of the many blessings that we take for granted. The food that we eat, our wealth, the knowledge that we possess, our physical and mental health and even our free time are all gifts that we may use for the betterment or detriment of ourselves and others.

There is a verse in Qur’an which asks, “Who is he that will lend to The Almighty a goodly loan so that He may multiply it to him many times?” (2:245). “Oh,” we question, “how can I…

Comprehending His Creation

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Mathematics is The Almighty’s gift to humanity for understanding His Creation. When I discuss this with students, they immediately acknowledge their understanding. “We use math every day to buy stuff; we use it to explain how far and fast we are traveling and we use it to measure dimensions of things or ingredients in cooking.” These are the typical responses that I received.

So, I remind them that Mathematics influences our lifestyle. I challenge their thinking. “What about the design and manufacturing of the things that we buy? What about the design and manufacturing of vehicles, ships, and planes? …

Power that affects our lives

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We have a verse in Qur’an where the Almighty says that we should save ourselves and our families from a fire whose fuel is men and stones (66:6). Theologically the fire could refer to the hell fire — a place of torment in which wicked people are placed. Metaphorically we can also think of the fire as difficulties that we face every day in our lives.

This stern admonishment is a useful reminder for us today. The word used for men in this verse is an-Naasu. The root of this word translated as “men,” actually refers to all human beings…

Spirituality: Cornerstone of African American Education — Chapter 5

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On July 2, 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Civil Rights Act became law. With it came the legislative end of segregation in America. Practically, discrimination continues until today. Nevertheless, this legislation allowed the descendants of slaves to interact with the majority culture.

In schools children were taught that America was a meritocratic society; that opportunity in America was a level playing field and that every person could achieve their individual goals if they worked hard. Gradually the Africans in America’s cultural perspective changed. Once keenly aware of the importance of community life and shared responsibility, these young people internalized a…

Spirituality: Cornerstone of African American Education — Chapter 4

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During slavery, blacks developed creative ways to maintain their sense of family. As often as possible they established family units and welcomed new arrivals to these units and referred to them as kin. They taught their children how to survive under slavery and developed a culture based upon family and spirituality. The importance of the family is punctuated by their post slavery efforts to relocate with their families. After emancipation, thousands of former bondmen set our to reconnect with their lost loved ones. …

Towards Social Justice

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The challenges that face us can sometimes bring thoughts of hopelessness. From personal difficulties to global warming, man faces a myriad of obstacles which are beyond his control. In these cases, we know in our hearts, that internalized faith is necessary for success in overcoming these difficulties.

Scripture reminds us that man gets only what he works hard to achieve; and The Almighty will reward our efforts (Qur’an 53:39–41). No matter what disturbs our peace of mind, we keep our faith and continue patiently persevering. As time passes, we see that Divine intervention has changed the trajectory of our lives…

Relationship between creator and creation

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The strength of Medieval scholars during the Golden Age of Islam (8th through the 15th century) appears metaphorically as “magic” in its ability to advance human civilization juxtaposed to the European Dark ages.

Scholars of this period were able to understand scientific knowledge in the context of Divine revelation. These scholars studied creation scientifically, viewed physical phenomenon metaphorically, abstracted and applied what they had learned to other situations.

A physical observation may spark a mathematical or scientific analogy or a human social phenomenon. …

Spirituality: Cornerstone of African American Education — Chapter 3

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Highlighting the work of Jean Paul Sartre and others, Manning Marable delves into the “The Meaning of Faith in the Black Mind in Slavery”. Although the slave’s life was totally subjected to the whims of his master, the bondman was able to define his spirituality in a way that provided sufficient individual strength to withstand the inhuman condition to which he was subjected. Although the master dehumanized his slaves and looked at them as less than human, the slaves resisted this identity imposed upon them and relied on their collective religious inheritance to retain their human dignity. …

Qadir Abdus-Sabur, Ph.D.

Education Sociologist, Imam, Husband, Father, Grandfather and U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran.

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